Saturday, November 27, 2010

Erasmus in St.Gallen

I finally made it to St.Gallen! But, oh god, at first it wasn't pretty. Being really happy to leave cold Skandinavia behind (don't get me wrong i did have a blast there, but sooo cold) I was really looking forward to getting some southern vibes. Ha! you wish!

First of all, I arrived in Switzerland in pieces, the guy who brought me here didn't treat me well, let me tell you that. Is this the way to treat a cosmopolitan? But worse, when I got there no one seemed to care about me. All those profit maximizing bastards were studying and writing papers in the library. Wandering around in the snow looking for friends the only person I found was this boy in the yellow sweater. What a bully! He treated me like a freshman, threw me into the snow, used me to express his hate towards the rich and beautiful and most and for all: All I got to eat was CHOCOLATE! oh my, what happened to the swiss hospitality, i thought.

But then, left all alone in the snow, broken and sick of Toblerone, the CEMSies came along. Unfortunately they were busy with the initiation ritual for their new members, so they had completely forgotten about me. But oh they made up for it. All of them treated me soooo nice, almost like a king. They even let me touch one of their cow bells, and it was quite a big one. This has got to mean something :)

Unfortunately, I just had one day there, since now I am returning to Rotterdam. Oh I can't wait to go home!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Erasmus in Helsinki

Erasmus in Norway

About time! After spending two weeks in Bergen I couldn't wait to tell you about my experiences! The CEMSies at NHH have been really nice to me, despite their being very busy with exams, and I am grateful that they were able to take me out a couple of times so that I could see their beautiful city with my own eyes.

I was first taken to a superawesom Halloween party. At first I was a little scared by the costumes, but I got used to it pretty fast and had a lot of fun at the party!

After the Halloween party I was taken hiking. I definitely recommend Bergen as a hiking destination, the air is really fresh and clean and the views are amazing!

And naturally, I was taken to see the main sights of the city!

The mountain Fløyen Bryggen

Zachariasbryggen The Fish Market

Strandgaten The beautiful harbor

I really hope to get the chance to see Bergen again. The weather really isn't as bad as they say, and the city is absolutely beautiful. Thank you, CEMS Club Bergen!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Erasmus in Prague

My next stop after Budapest was Prague and local CEMS community. The autumn weather was not so friendly to me – still rain and fog disables me to visit the famous sightseeing of this great historical city. My new Prague friends showed me the most famous places at least on the pictures and promised to take me there in spring.

Prague CEMS Club showed me their work which they have divided into three core pillars – socializing, education and corporate partnerships.

First day of my stop we have met with local academic director Mr. Jiri Hnilica, academic coordinator Mrs. Renata Subrtova and corporate relations coordinator Mrs. Tereza Kralova. Tight cooperation between CEMS Club and the CEMS program representatives enables to join the activities of both units together and empower the impact of each other.

At the same day we have visited one of many interesting classes taught at VSE exclusively for the CEMS program. I have to say that there is a really good working atmosphere at the lectures when the teachers really communicate with the students and thanks to corporate partners solve real business cases.

Next day I was invited to various meetings with CEMS Club corporate partners. The representatives are already planning activities for the next semester starting in March with events like CEMS teambuilding, rookie weekend for the next year students, rotation dinner or CEMS golf tournament. The unique strong relations with corporate partners enable them to create various events sponsored by the partners and push the meaning of CEMS club to another dimension.

But student life is not only about studying. Therefore the CEMS Club organizes various socializing and cultural activities. It's a pity that I did not have a chance to visit the main local event of the semester CEMS Gala Casino Night which took place 14 days ago. Everyone who has something in common with CEMS met during this unique gala event. But hopefully this is not the only event. Students and alumni meet every second week on traditional CEMS drink each time held in different local restaurant. This time they had a meeting in famous restaurant „Pravek“(Primeval) with great primeval show and decoration.

Unfortunately I haven't got more time to visit more local events and see the famous Prague places. My next stop will be St. Gallen. I am already looking forward to it :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CEMS Career Forum 2010 - Party!!!

I was there for the EPIC student party. So good to see so many friends!

Here are the party pics.